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Birthvillage the natural birthing center-Birth Statistic-2015

We have put together our birth report statistics for birthvillage for the year 2015, and here are our figures as follows.

Natural birth rate (2015) – 97.9%

75% of mothers were in our care were first time mothers.

The youngest mum (teenage pregnancy) to have birthed with us is 16 and the oldest is 39. Both were first time mothers.

VBAC rate – 100% (which also includes a vbac mum who had two c sections and subsequently two natural births with us at Birth village one in 2013 and another in 2015).

Water Births/ just used water for labor -50%.

Exclusive breastfeeding initiated and passed 6 months -100%

*The percentage of women and their families who were able to have vaginal/natural birth after attending Lamaze classes at birth village -90%

*The percentage of women who were able to have a vaginal birth/natural birth after attending the prenatal workout /meditation -88%(calculated only from September 2015-December 2015 owing to collation of reports).

Factors for success

Each and every family that has been under our care at birthvillage (be it first time or second time or even fourth time parents) have taken the effort to get educated prenatally through the Lamaze series, have been very regular at their work out classes which has helped in optimal fetal positioning and women being much more fit, strong and confident for birth!. They have also been willing to explore, and learn about all their options. They have also taken responsibility for their care and their pregnancies. We also strongly believe in the importance and value of having a positive birth experience where we can clearly observe and state that the woman’s partner be it her friend/ doula/husband have made a huge impact in having not just a natural birth but a truly empowering one where she gets to make choices and decisions and complete freedom. We are blessed to be a part of team that stands for the true essence of midwifery which means with woman’s. A big thank you to all the families that have helped us to stand where we are today. We wouldn’t have made it this far without your support, commitment and kindness.

*The figures are inclusive of women and their families who chose to birth at other health care institutions.

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