Husbands Inside the labor room-required or not.

The first thing that is most important here is to consider whether the husband is truly comfortable and whether he is prenatally educated enough to be within the labor room. I have witnessed over and over again husbands who were unsteady and unsure of their roles during their first class at B!rthvillage go full steam on ahead inside the labor room. At the same time there are husbands who have chosen to be steady support outside the labor room which is fine too.

There have been husbands who have chosen to go into the labor room directly without attending childbirth classes, again here at times there have been cases where they could not handle the situation or when communication channels have been weak within the laboring couple resulting in incompatible decisions being made with respect to inductions/ cesareans

There is also general thought process that goes around is that why make men suffer along with the laboring woman I would like to add that BEING IN LABOR AND BRINGING A BABY INTO THIS WORLD IS A PRIVILEGE AND SHOULD BE VIEWED AS ONE OF THE MOST EMPOWERING EXPERIENCES THAT ONE MIGHT GO THROUGH.

Here is my plan of action for the father to be

Love, tenderness and care for the mother- to- be is very essential right through her pregnancy and beyond. Discuss beforehand as to what you feel your role should be and her comfort levels with it. Never go on a hunger strike. Eat and drink well, this is very important in keeping your strength up. Labor and the intensity that comes with it is usually pretty strong, be prepared to handle it and hold her through as there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Think about where you would like to position yourself in the labor room. Discuss about what coping measures would suit you and her best.

Attend childbirth preparation classes together and try to figure out on what birth and parenting options you would prefer be it natural, medicated, induced or cesarean.

We all come from different households/cultures hence a new mom should not feel upset if her husband would feel better being outside, in such a situation, consider hiring a labor support professional during this period (as they are slowly making their presence felt inside labor rooms within India and Cochin included).

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